BB Luke in ‘court’ over games console

Luke Marsden on Judge Rinder
Luke Marsden on Judge Rinder

WHAT would you do if your mate owed you a new PlayStation 4? Go on Judge Rinder.

The Whelley resident, who appeared on Big Brother in 2008, asked for the assistance of the ITV judge after his long-term pal Andy had borrowed the console but returned it badly damaged.

He explained that he lent the console to Andy over Christmas to help him decide whether he wanted to buy one of his own.

Luke said: “I was going on holiday around Christmas time and Andy had expressed interest in getting one.

“I thought it would be great if Andy could see how great it was, so I lent him the kit.”

He then explained that the PS4 was returned with a “sticky controller” and “pulsating problems”.

He won the cost of damages to his console and the cost of a new game, receiving £325 rather than the £450 he had asked for in his claim.

And as Luke referred to his console as “precious”, Judge Rinder made a sarcastic remark about Lord of the Rings, saying: “It didn’t end terribly well for Gollum as far as I remember.”

Speaking on his reasons for going on the ITV show, Luke said: “I didn’t want to pay for another PS4 and I wanted him to pay for it instead. I had watched it in the past and though this was a good opportunity to settle the dispute. I wanted the full £400, but I am pleased I got something.

“Our friendship is still intact. I am not going to lose nearly three decades’ friendship over a PlayStation.”