Big year for top student

Sarah Davies
Sarah Davies

WIGANER Sarah Davies is now the only person from Europe to be in the running to become an ambassador around the world.

The 21-year-old from Orrell has made the final 16 for the chance to be a global ambassador for Your Big Year, which is a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

At the end of last year, Sarah beat 60,000 applicants from more than 200 countries, to be selected as the top 111 by judges at Smaller Earth.

She completed a series of tasks, including making a series of videos about her vision for 2020 and how she can positively impact on the world, and interview people about their ‘big year.’

And as the judges decided their top 16, only one person from Europe made it through.

Sarah will now take part in Global Entrepreneurship Week in Liverpool, starting on March 9, with the other 15 finalists.

The winner will then be decided on March 16.

Sarah, who is studying biomedical science at Salford University, said: “Last week I got an email to say I was in the top 24, but I was still not guaranteed a place in the final.

“We are in talks with a media company to produce a one-off documentary, and they asked for more drama and so the top 24 were to be reduced again to 12, but judges couldn’t choose, so it was whittled to 16 and people were informed via a Skype chat and all our reactions were recorded.

“It was quite an anxious time as we knew some of us would not make it.

“To be the only finalist from Europe is crazy. The finalists, who are from all over - USA, Paraguay, India - will fly to Liverpool in March and I get to show them around.

“The candidates are bi-lingual, but I would imagine some of the applicants found some tasks harder than others, especially in countries like China, where there is no social media.”

Details of the tasks during the week are still under wraps, but the finalists will be set challenges as groups and as individuals.

Sarah added: “I want to make a positive impact and pass on my good experiences and my skills to help others.”

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