Bodybuilder is on top of the world

Bodybuilder Joshua Olagoke celebrates with his trophy after success at the Drug-Free Athletes Coalition world finals in Miami
Bodybuilder Joshua Olagoke celebrates with his trophy after success at the Drug-Free Athletes Coalition world finals in Miami

A Wigan bodybuilder has proved he is the best in the world by picking up a global title.

Joshua Olagoke, from Hindley, won the men’s open lightweight class at the Drug-Free Athletes Coalition world finals, held in Miami, USA.

It was the first time he had appeared in the final, competing against men from around the world.

He did qualify last year but was not able to travel there as he did not expect his new passport to arrive in time.

Joshua, 28, said: “Since last year I have been working really hard to make sure I got there this year, which I did.

“It’s been one of the best experiences of my life.”

The dad-of-one said it was at the back of his head that he would like to win the title, but he was mainly hoping to get some experience.

So it was a surprise when he was named as the winner.

He said: “It’s just sinking in that I have won the title. It was a big surprise.

“I was going to go to Miami to have the experience, but to win it was a big shock.”

Joshua was crowned lightweight champion in a British Natural Bodybuilding Federation contest last month, which meant he secured a place in the world final in Miami.

He arrived in the USA last Wednesday and had to undergo a lie detector test to check he had not taken any banned substances.

The contest was held on Saturday and several hours after his class was held, he discovered he had won.

Despite his delight at winning the title, he did miss out on a pro card, which would have allowed him to compete as a professional.

Joshua said: “It was close but the guy who won it from Australia looked awesome.”

Joshua returned home to the borough this week and has already been to Apex Gym, in Hindley, where he trains, to show off his trophy.

He has trained seven days a week in the run-up to the competition, spending three hours there and sometimes going twice a day.

He has also followed a strict diet for the past 45 weeks, even while on a family holiday in Benidorm in August.

But Joshua is looking forward to easing off now, as he has finished competing for 2017 and plans to take a year off.

He intends to spend more time with his fiancee Rebeccca Harcourt and his young son Joshua Junior, before returning to competitions in 2019 and making another bid for a pro card.

Joshua said: “I’m still going to go to the gym and work on what I need to improve, but I’m going to have a year off dieting.

“My little boy is one-and-a-half and I want to spend more time with him.”

He is particularly looking forward to going on a family holiday next year while not dieting.

But Joshua will still be working hard to keep his bulging muscles.

He said: “I will still be training and in the gym probably five days a week.”