Build Billy campaign gathering momentum

Billy Boston
Billy Boston

THE campaign to erect a statue of Billy Boston in Wigan has hit the ground running - just like Billy!

Since last week’s launch we have been inundated with kind-hearted folk wanting to get involved.

Supporters from all over the world have backed the plans which will see an 8ft statue put onto a 4ft plinth to commemorate one of the biggest legends rugby league has ever seen.

One email came from the United States with a one-time cricket team-mate of Billy’s wanting to donate. It was from Derek Winstanley who said: “I live in the USA. What is the best way for me to donate? I played on the same team as Billy ... cricket at Highfield.”

A Trust has been set up to manage the funds with £100,000 needed to build and maintain the statue. Once £5,000 has been generated, the Trust will then apply for charitable status and you will be able to donate online.

It isn’t just Billy’s rugby exploits which have resulted in the campaign being launched.

The rugby legend has spent countless hours carrying out charitable work off the field too with many local projects benefitting from his time, effort and help and in 1986 he received an MBE for his work.

Let’s get behind this great man and raise the money for his statue. If you are organising a fund-raising event and want to donate visit www.buildbiilly.org

If you are planning a fund-raising event, let us know and we’ll publicise it. Contact Greg Farrimond on (01942) 506283, email him greg.farrimond@jpress.co.uk or tweet @GFarrimondWIG.