Carley is in love

Carley Stenson as Princess Fiona
Carley Stenson as Princess Fiona
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CARLEY Stenson has revealed all about her new fella.

The former Billinge resident has been dating Hollyoaks actor Danny Mac (Dodger Savage) for 10 months and has hinted she hopes he is The One.

She told new! magazine that it was difficult to see each other as he lives in Cheshire and she is in London for Shrek The Musical.

She said: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder. When we’re apart, I can give my career the attention it needs, so when I do see him, it’s quality time. It is quite hard, but it’s worth it.”

She added that Danny has been to see her play Princess Fiona in Shrek three or four times and is very supportive, especially as he has performed in the West End in Wicked.

Carley added that when the couple do get to see each other, they hang out with Hollyoaks couple James Atherton (Will Savage) and Jorgie Porter (Teresa McQueen).

And the former Hollyoaks actress admitted Danny is very “sweet”, adding: “Danny’s kind of old-headed. I call him Pops!”