Carley wants to return from the dead

Carley Stenson
Carley Stenson

CARLEY Stenson has hinted she would love to return to Hollyoaks.

The Billinge-born actress’s character Stephanie Cunningham was killed off in a fire in 2010 after ten years on the show, but later reappeared as an angel in a special Boxing Day episode.

Hollyoaks is like a second home to me still

Carley Stenson

She admitted that she loved being on the Channel Four soap and hasn’t ruled out reprising the role for another guest appearance.

She said: “If they could think of a really clever way to do it, then yes! Could I be a long-lost twin, maybe? You never know. I loved that place so much, so I think I would go back. I love Steph. I would go back if we could think of a way to do it again.

“Hollyoaks is like a second home to me still. I’ve been in so many different casts since, but they are my true second family. I was there from 17 to 27, and I went through a lot of life changes and life dilemmas with those guys.

“I went from being one of the youngest to one of the oldest in my time there. And I saw them for 12 hours a day, every day. I find it difficult to watch it now, because I know what happens when the cameras stop rolling, and the banter that will go on. That’s what I miss.”

The show’s executive producer Bryan Kirkwood also revealed that Steph would be the one character he would bring back from the dead, adding that he would never have killed her off in the first place.

He said: “Lovely Carley Stenson who played Steph. Carley was an adorable presence backstage and a fantastic performer on screen. She had every string to her bow. Comedy, warmth and proper acting chops and I personally would never have killed her off. But this is Hollyoaks so never say never!”

The star, who has had recent lead roles in West End musicals Legally Blonde, Shrek and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, also reminisced about her first audition: “I auditioned for Zara Morgan at first and didn’t get it. I got a call-back and someone said to me, ‘Wear something that makes you stand out’. So I put chop sticks in my hair! I remember sitting in the make-up chair not even knowing what my character was going to be called, and being handed a script and a call-sheet and I didn’t understand what any of it meant!”