Chippy tea is back on the menu!

Pictured are LtR: Diane Stone, Andrea Rogers and Ashleigh Rogers
Pictured are LtR: Diane Stone, Andrea Rogers and Ashleigh Rogers
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A WIGAN chippy is to offer a gluten-free range to help people who suffer with coeliac disease.

Aspull Chippy, on Ratcliffe Road, is set to launch their new range every Monday to see how it goes down with the public.

It involves using a separate pan to fry the food with a special batter so that is it suitable for people with the disease.

Sufferers of the auto-immune condition can suffer damage to the gut lining should they eat products with gluten. Foods such as bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits and – of course – a good old-fashioned ‘chippy tea’ are normally totally out of bounds to those with coeliac disease.

And upon hearing about the issue owner of Aspull chippy, Andrea Rogers, wanted to help people out.

She said: “My niece can’t eat my fish and chips which is a big shame. Everyone loves a chippy so surely those who can’t eat gluten shouldn’t miss out.

“Starting from Monday, February 20, I will use one pan especially to cook gluten-free products. That way, people with coeliac disease can enjoy a plate of great fish and chips like anybody else.”

Aspull Chippy has been working on the special batter, which is both gluten and wheat-free.

Andrea added: “We use separate utensils too so people who want regular fish and chips can still get that too.”

The chippy will also be offering free samples of its new vegetarian curry and gravy.

Anybody interested in the new gluten-free range is asked to call 01942 831500 for more information.