Angry parents slam 'disgusting' board game aimed at children called Skid Markz which sees them draw pictures out of dog poo

Angry parents have slammed a "disgusting" board game aimed at children which sees them draw pictures out of dog poo.

The bizarre £20 game - called Skid Markz - features a crouching toy dog scooting across the page and is being marketed at children in the run up to Christmas.

Goliath Games say it is suitable for children aged six and above but angry mums and dads have criticised the game for its "vulgar" content.

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The aim of the game is to draw pictures of an item from a word card in brown pen and has been described as like "Pictionary with dog s**t."

The bizarre £20 game - called Skid Markz

Mum-of-three Josie Bowen, 37, said she and her husband Ben, 35, were shocked when a TV advert appeared for it on Sky Sports.

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"I just couldn't believe what we were watching. It shows a dog scooting across a page with its bottom and drawing with its poo.

"How on earth is that suitable for children? I think its bordering on being dangerous as kids are impressionable and might start picking up dog poo to try and paint with.

The games blurb reads: "This sneaky dog is a true pup-casso of poop!"

"I'm no prude but this left me shocked. I don't understand why anybody would want to play this bizarre and disgusting game."

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Another parent Hannah Talbot, 29, shared a similar view and said: "I looked into it and every major retailer is stocking this game - from Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon.

"I can't believe nobody has thought it was a bit much to let kids play with a toy that draws pictures with a dog's backside.

The games blurb reads: "This sneaky dog is a true pup-casso of poop!

"Draw a word card and then move the embarrassed dog around the board to assemble your 'master-pooce'.

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"If the other players can guess the creation from your Skid Markz, you win!"

Others took to social media to share their dismay with one Twitter user writing: "On what planet is this acceptable. So wrong on so many levels."

A second put: "I think we can safely say our civilisation is done."

Another added: "There's a toy called skid markz. It's a toy dog dragging its arse along paper and drawing a picture..I'm glad I don't have kids."

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Others defended the game as a "bit of fun" and branded those offended it as being "snowflake wokies"

One person wrote: "Those snowflake wokies getting offended by a kids game need to give their heads a wobble."

Another added: "How can you not see this and laugh. It's just a bit of fun."

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