Colorado beckons for chris

Chris Bannister
Chris Bannister

A WIGAN country singer has been invited to perform at an anniversary event for the legendary musician John Denver.

Chris Bannister, originally of Appley Bridge, will travel to Aspen Colorado later this year to perform in memory of the famous country and folk singer who died 15 years ago.

Chris’ invitation came from Steve Weisberg who spotted him on Youtube.

The guitarist played on most of John Denver’s hits such as Annie’s Song and Back Home Again, and subsequently invited the fan across the water.

Chris who now lives in Tarleton, said: “Aspen Colorado is John’s spiritual home, he loved the mountains and nature and spent much of his adult life there.

“Every year on the anniversary of his death, fans from around the world gather in Aspen to celebrate his life and music.

“I was contacted by Steve who saw me on Youtube and liked what I was doing.

“We stayed in touch and he contacted me recently to see if I wanted to do a series of performances with him this year in Aspen.

“It’s very exciting to have been chosen to do this, especially as I’m English, it’s definitely a high point in my musical career.”

Chris who has been a professional musician for 25 years, grew up listening to John Denver’s music and around two years ago began performing The Music of John Denver.

The 47-year-old added: “I don’t do a tribute act, just my interpretation of his music

“It’s a great thrill to be playing and singing with someone as well respected as Steve.

“My mum bought Annie’s song when it came out and played it non-stop and to be performing with the guy who played on that record is amazing.”

Before Chris sets sail for America, he will be hosting two shows for a captive Wigan audience.

He will appear at St James Church Hall, Wrightington on Feb 17 and Appley Bridge Village Hall on April 1.

Chris’ latest album Don’t Forget...Forgive is released in March on Libra Records.

To reserve a seat at the Wigan Music Of John Denver shows call Sarah on 07973 802637.