Comeback king Norman makes it onto disc at 81

Singer Norman Kinvig from Beech Hill
Singer Norman Kinvig from Beech Hill

A WIGAN pensioner is proof that it’s never to late to showcase your talents.

Norman Kinvig has rediscovered his love for singing after putting it on the back burner to care for his beloved late wife Olive.

And with a passion for helping charities within the borough, the 81-year-old of Villa Avenue, Beech Hill, has produced CDs of his latest work.

He said: “I absolutely love entertaining and it has always remained a hobby of mine even though I couldn’t pursue it professionally. If Olive hadn’t been ill who knows where my singing could have got me.

“But she was my first love and I would have done anything for her. She was my priority. Now, I just use my talent to raise money for local causes such as Wigan and Leigh Hospice and children’s charity Derian House.”

Not only did Norman previously dabble in high-profile singing contests years ago, he also appeared on the popular ITV programme, Britain’s Got Talent, back in 2011 during his vocal renaissance. Unable to make it through to the second round, Norman believes that ageism still exists in the music industry.

He said: “I have been told I have a good voice and was quite successful in my youth. They say that there is no age limit on these contests but I think that there definitely is. The bosses wouldn’t let anybody through who was more than 65 years old.”

The dad-of-two has also met some famous faces through his hobby. As a young man, the former plumber auditioned for a show at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool with a little known band called The Quarrymen -a quartet that went on to become The Beatles.

Norman said: “Thousands of people turned up for this audition in the 1950s and I remember thinking that I didn’t want to wait in the queue. So then I saw this van pull up outside and a skiffle band jumped out.

“I insisted on helping them carry their equipment into the theatre and managed to get an early audition while I was in there and I got booked to perform the next week. The Quarrymen never got picked though!”