Country sounds for the ting tings?

The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings

HOT on the heels of their new album. The Ting Tings are now planning their next follow up.

The duo, which features Lowton-born Katie White, are keen to follow their second album Sounds from Nowheresville up quickly, and are considering having a series of themes, starting with country.

Katie told BANG Showbiz: “I’d like to make more albums very quickly, just little concepts, like ‘let’s write a country album and spend a month and put it out.’”

Drummer Jules De Martino added: “I’ve been getting into country a lot in the last year too.”

And despite writing countless songs over the last couple of years, they would be starting from scratch after the erased all tracks they no longer liked.

Katie told The Guardian that they would only release songs they liked, even if they did not get heard.

She said: “We’d rather write songs that nobody’s going hear than write dance tracks that would fit on the radio after David Guetta.

“It would have been so easy to quickly bash out any old rubbish off the back of the first album. Get it on the radio, have a cheap nasty hit. And we didn’t want to do that.”

The duo also brushed aside any rumours they were a couple, stating they were too busing working, with Jules joking: “It’s like asking why don’t I fall in love with Bundie my drum technician. I’m with him all the time.

“We’re driven. Too much, maybe.”

Sounds from Nowheresville is released on February 27 and they will play at London’s Scala on February 28.