CountryVive’s quest for talent


A WIGAN duo hope to be dancing through to the final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Paul Culshaw, of Abram, and Abbie Ingham, of Springfield, have been put through to the live semi-finals of the popular ITV show and will compete with their 18-strong troupe CountryVive tonight at 7.30pm.

The pair who met more than 15 years ago at a small dance group in Golborne, began competing at World Dance Masters and five years ago those in the top division formed a super group, performing at the major shows.

Paul, 30, said: “We are all delighted. As the judges said yes during our audition, we all had to go back down to London for the next stage and the reveal.

“We had to wait around a lot, but it was fun seeing the different acts and getting to know people.

“Towards early evening a decision was made and smaller groups were taken into a room with the judges. We were told it was either us or La Voix, a LGBT brass band.

“Amanda Holden was using analogies of food and we didn’t know what was going on and eventually, they said yes to both groups.

“We all started screaming – it was very surreal.”

As the group hail form all over the country, they have not had much time to rehearse, but Paul promises something good.

The Zumba instructor said: “It is different to our first audition as we had only got together twice. But when we realised we had got to the ‘lives’, we realised we had to see each other more. We wanted to be the best that we could be and we managed to get together a bit more.

“We have created something new for tonight as we wanted to bring something different and show diversity.

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet. Both Abbie, 23, and I want to win this for Wigan. We have a lot of talent here.

“We need as many votes as possible, so please support us.”

See CountryVive tonight on ITV, from 7.30pm, and the results show at 9.30pm.