Couple’s ‘Bryt’ idea

Natalie Cope and James Foster have launched their own fashion brand, Bryt
Natalie Cope and James Foster have launched their own fashion brand, Bryt

AN ambitious Wigan couple have launched a new fashion brand with the aim of bringing a “Bryt” sprinkling of colour to the textile world.

Parbold pair Natalie Cope and James Foster have leapt into the business sphere with the idea of using multicoloured garments with crazy patterns in the hope of making people happy.

Natalie, 24, explained: “James is a real believer in keeping a concept very simple and niche.

“That’s why we had the light bulb moment of our brand, Bryt.

“A clothing brand that makes only bright clothes with the sole intention to make people smile. Psychedelic colours and fun patterns are used in all of our garments.

“We believe that a dash of colour may just be enough to cause some happiness and joy.

“Instead of praying on insecurity to drive sales we use sales to promote happiness and empower our customers to be more confident and happy.”

The couple’s first line of clothing to be made available is a range of colourful socks.

Underwear designs as well as a whole raft of other products are soon set to follow.

Former design student Natalie and her boyfriend James used their previous retail and business experience to kick-start the company.

Natalie added: “We saw a real problem with how dull and boring clothing can be and how this translates to the mood and happiness levels of those wearing these clothes.

“We noticed that a little sprinkling of colour, seen or not, has a big impact on how we felt.

“And so we saw a niche that is an exciting opportunity and we are starting our journey to fulfil this.

“Everything is made within the UK, even the packaging and this is something that is very important to us.”

Natalie and James will also soon be launching a campaign to raise £20,000 for the company via, an online platform for funding creative projects.