Crime writer Paul pens third chilling tale

Paul Finch
Paul Finch
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TO neighbours he’s that chatty man strolling past with two inexhaustible springer spaniels.

But his gore-soaked crime thriller novel debut last year with a renowned publisher was nothing short of sensational. Paul Finch’s first in what is now be an eight-tome series, Stalkers, sold a phenomenal 200,000-plus copies.

While the second book, Sacrifice, broke all records by becoming the most pre-ordered ebook in Harper Collins’ history.

The gregarious dad of two’s third release, The Killing Club, comes out on May 22.

Again, we meet cop DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg who already used to bloodbaths, is ill-prepared for this, his most dangerous case to date and blown wide open again.

Paul, a former real life policeman on the tough Salford beat turned local newspaperman turned full time writer, said is delighted he has clearly touched a nerve with the crime thriller loving public. And he promises more intense action between the pages. Paul said: “Two years ago, Heck put the ringleader of The Nice Guys Club – a vicious rape and murder gang – behind bars.

“But he always knew this depraved organisation stretched far beyond our shores. And when a lot of very brutal murders start happening across the country, it’s clear that the Nice Guys are at work again and this time there will be nobody left standing at the end.” He first cut his literary teeth penning episodes of the British TV crime drama, The Bill and went on to pen extensively in the field of children’s animation.

However, he is probably best known for his work in horrors and thrillers. Paul has penned three Doctor Who audio dramas plus a Doctor Who novel for BBC Books, Hunter’s Moon.

He is no stranger to cinema, either, having written scripts for several horror movies.

One of these, The Devil’s Rock, was released in 2011, while his short story The Belfries, is shortly due to be adapted by Hollywood. Paul said: “Heck has changed our entire life, the books to date have been phenomenally successful and I am still quite pleasantly surprised by it all.

“The first two books are still selling, still quite high up in the book charts and now it’s everything crossed for number three.”