Culture trust is a great role model

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WIGAN’S leisure trust has been hailed as a role model for third sector organisations.

Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT) has been hailed as a success since it was registered as a charity in 2004.

Third Sector magazine’s report on WLCT praised the trust’s decision to become a registered charity claiming it had “never looked back” and improved services thanks to its new found status.

The report says that WLCT applied to register as an independent charity in 2003, but the Charity Commission said no. WLCT appealed and, in 2004, the commission changed its mind.

In February this year, the Charity Commission published a public benefit assessment report on the WLCT, confirming that it was a charity operating for the public benefit.

Stuart Murray, Chief Executive of Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, said: “When the trust was formed it was a first for Wigan and it has proved to be a successful way of delivering an improved leisure and culture service. We are proud to have pioneered this new way of delivering services which has resulted in an improved service for the people of this borough, at a reduced cost in real terms to the council.”

Today there are more than 100 leisure trusts in the UK.