Currie’s curry curries favour

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FORMER MP Edwina Currie swapped the House of Commons for herbs and spice when she brought her cookery mission to Wigan.

The fiery ex-politician delighted audiences with a special lesson on how to prepare her signature dish – lamb curry.

Edwina Currie teaches teens how to cook her signature curry dish at the food positive centre in Wigan

Edwina Currie teaches teens how to cook her signature curry dish at the food positive centre in Wigan

Edwina was at Ince’s Food Positive Cookery School to demonstrate skills honed on TV culinary challenges such as Hell’s Kitchen and Come Dine With Me.

She is going head to head with TV presenter, Ben Shephard, in a nationwide competition to teach youngsters at least five basic meals by the age of 25.

Appropriately she is promoting a curry in the North of England while Ben is, of course, rustling up a shepherd’s pie.

But during her busy afternoon Edwina also had time to embrace Wigan’s most famous contribution to the national diet.

Edwina said: “I know Wigan is famous for its pies but I’m going to have to say – to do Ben justice – that shepherd’s pie is my favourite pie.

“And I’m a Scouser, I come from that place up the road, so I have been to Wigan many times. But I have never been to Food Positive and I’m very impressed, so to have Wigan’s lovely young people with me is great.

“I’m not sure whether they’re practising on me or I’m practising on them but I’m hoping that they enjoyed it and that they’ll vote for me.

“I don’t live far from here and when I was asked to take part in the campaign, my husband and I were eating our dinner and the question was, ‘So you like lamb?’ And yes, I love lamb.”

Food Positive in Ince aims at providing cooking training to help improve people’s lives.

As one of the six youth organisations in the country chosen to take part in the Red Tractor Beef and Lamb 5by25 campaign to give young people the chance to develop general skills including time management and food-buying.

Shirley Southworth, owner of Food Positive said: “The day went really well, the food was all well-presented, looked like restaurant food and was delicious.

“Edwina was great, she interacted really well with the young people. She didn’t just sit back and relax, she mixed with everybody and helped them with their curries.

“They all went away with signed aprons and certificates and had pictures with Edwina. She is very engaging.

“The campaign, overall, has been fantastic. It’s good to partner with other organisations who have the same aims, values and objectives that we have about teaching people to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

For more information on Food Positive contact Shirley on: 0772 705 7129.