Dad andrew is on mission to get in trim

Andrew Morris, from Shevington
Andrew Morris, from Shevington

A WIGAN dad is hoping to shed the pounds for a better life.

Determined to get into shape, Andrew Morris is taking part in a 12-week NHS programme to lose the pounds he piled on over the holidays - and more.

The 34-year-old’s target is to lose 10 per cent of his body mass in less than three months.

Working in distribution for Asda, Andrew has felt for a long time that he could do with shedding a few pounds and went to the doctor about a snoring problem and the fact that he suffers from sleep apnoea - a condition which causes the patient to stop breaking temporarily. The GP informed him that these problems were directly linked to his weight.

He thinks that now is the perfect time to start doing something about it.

With the support of his wife, Lucy, 35, and his three children - India, 14, Finnley, 11, and Kaiden, five - he will join a men-only course called Trim Down Shape Up which is run by expert trainers to build up fitness, strength and stamina and knowledge of food patterns.

Andrew describes himself as being heavy for as long as he can remember.

He said: “The weight just crept on over the years and it got to the point where I had to do something about it. You don’t realise you’re getting bigger sometimes and then one day you wake up and realise.

“It’s a case of realising it and then doing something about it.

“I have tried so many times to lose the weight and nothing has been successful before.

“I have dieted numerous times but I always just end up piling the pounds back on. It’s so annoying as it’s just really difficult to keep the weight off.

“Every week I have good intentions to go running or go to the gym and just exercise but it’s so easy to find an excuse not to go.

“I’m hoping that this class will help me lose weight, get a healthier lifestyle and stick to it and maintain the changes.

“It’s for both health and personal reasons, of course I want to look and feel better. Everybody wants to be slim don’t they?

“I think the course will be good for me because it focuses on the little life changes and I won’t get hungry. I can still enjoy food.”

Each session includes exercise including circuit training, boxing, work-outs and agility training and finishes with a game such as football and touch rugby.

Men are encouraged to take each session at their own pace and only do what you they feel comfortable with.

The session also introduces easy steps to healthier eating and helps each individual with their downfalls when it comes to food.

Andrew’s lifestyle coach, Ahmed Suhail, has high hopes for him.

He said: “Andrew has made a fantastic and enthusiastic start to the programme and I am convinced that he will hit his target weight loss of five per cent of body weight over the 12-week programme.

“I also expect to see his stamina and fitness level increase.

“Most importantly will be the rise in Andrew’s confidence level to enable him to attend commercial gym classes as well.

“I would also expect to see some changes in his eating habits and we will be working on that in forthcoming sessions.”

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