David brands Kelly a bully

David McIntosh
David McIntosh

DAVID McIntosh said he wasn’t physically attracted to ex Kelly Brook when they dated.

The pair, who had an on-off relationship for a year, finally called off their engagement six months ago and whilst David has moved on with new flame Juliet Bakos, he still has some choice words for his ex.

I didn’t think she was the sexiest woman in the world

David McIntosh

The former Platt Bridge resident branded Kelly a bully and said she was tight with money.

He told New magazine: “Bullying isn’t about physical strength. I’m a hard man but when I love someone I let my guard down and people can exploit that.”

He added that at first their relationship was great and Kelly appreciated him.

He said: “She’s very lovely and that’s what I fell in love with. For the first three months, she was everything that I wanted. That’s why I got engaged to her so quickly.

“Kelly appreciated attributes, including ones I didn’t know I had. She told me she loved how adventurous I was. She was interested in everything I did - she was so caring.

“I didn’t think she was the sexiest woman in the world. It was more about who she was. She was hot but I wasn’t physically attracted to her.”

The former Gladiators star also stuck the knife in about Kelly’s new relationship with Jeremy Parisi, saying she sent him pictures of her new man to make him jealous.

He said: “She was messaging me about this guy, she was still telling me she loved me.”

He added he is enjoying a simpler life in Australia.

He said: “I live by myself in a nice apartment in central Sydney. I got rid of my Bentley and I’ve got my mountain bike. I don’t need anything. Money doesn’t bother me. As long as I’m fit and healthy and living a good life, I’m happy.”