David’s stormy book

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
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DAVID McIntosh could be penning his own autobiography.

The former Gladiators star is said to be following in the footsteps of his fiance, Kelly Brook, by writing a book all about his life.

The 28-year-old, who was born in Ashton, has often been criticised for riding off Kelly’s fame, but David had lead a colourful life of his own.

He would certainly have some interesting tales to relate during his time in the Marines, plus how we found fame as Tornado in the Sky remake of Gladiators.

He was also in talks to star in a film - Fight Back - with Vinnie Jones back in 2009, but the project was hit with delays.

He has also set up his own personal fitness company with his brother and has been working in Australia and LA to promote his modelling and acting career.

There may be a new chapter in the book, as David has been rumoured to be one of the new housemates in Celebrity Big Brother, which will start on Monday.

Fans will also be eager to hear about his whirlwind romance with Kelly, and how he managed to woo one of the most beautiful women in the UK.

Meanwhile, David is said to be less than thrilled about how his fiance’s love life will dominate her own autobiography - Kelly Brook Up Close,

He has been reported to have asked her to talk less about her past loves and to focus on their upcoming wedding, which has been postponed until next year due to their busy work schedules.

Kelly, who is busy promoting her perfume, Audition, as well as her new American sitcom, One Big Happy.

But the 34-year-old insisted she would not move permanently across the pond.

She said: “England is my home. If I could pick up my TV show and bring it here, I would.

“But I have to go to America to crack it, But if I didn’t, I’d always think ‘what if?’ I went out in my early 20s and did a few shows, but I wasn’t properly focused. I was 23 and didn’t understand what it meant.

“But now, I believed in myself, so I thought I’d give it one last go. It was last September - I was single and there was nothing holding me back. Then, everything happened! I’m really excited about it.”

She added that the couple considered doing a reality show together, but thought better of it: “We had a row and I couldn’t bear the thought of having a fight and then having to be nice to him on TV.”