David’s tour could tear relationship apart

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh

KELLY Brook’s relationship with David McIntosh is picking up considerable speed, but could distance tear them apart?

Since the couple announced their engagement a few weeks ago, they have been inseparable, but whilst Kelly has just started filming new TV show One Big Happy in LA, the Ashton fitness guru has announced he will be doing a tour in Australia.

His spokesman confirmed he was doing a series of personal appearances there as he has a huge fan base as a model.

She added: “He will be in Washington prior to that, doing various fashion shows and TV appearances.

“He is building a name for himself in the USA and landing plenty of work there as a model, TV host and actor.”

And David, who may be best known for being Tornado in Sky’s remake of Gladiators, confirmed on Twitter: “I’m making a return to Australia and it’s going to be naughtier than ever - something kinda sexy and special is getting brought to the land down under! The king has returned.”

But there are rumours the distance could take its toll on the newly engaged couple.

Neighbours have reported hearing a series of rows at their West Hollywood apartment complex.

Their relationship has faced further scrutiny after newspaper reports claimed the 28-year-old sent X-rated Facebook messages to adult actress Gina Rodriguez.

But Kelly laughed off the story, posting a snap of her man preparing dinner with the caption: “Get off Facebook and get back in the Kitchen lol.”

The war of words between David and Chantelle Houghton is continuing, as she said he had tried it on with her six years ago. He tweeted: “Stop pretending I text you,” calling her a loser.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star wrote in her New! column that David had apparently been sending nasty tweets to newspaper journalists, saying: “I bet Kelly’s delighted that she’s spent years building up a healthy profile only for him to trash it. It’s only a matter of time before she dumps him.

But the loved-up pairing seem adamant to prove naysayers wrong and are even considering a quickie wedding in Las Vegas.

It has been reported that the former royal marine could make a whopping £150,000 a year just for being Kelly’s fiancee.

The 34-year-old brunette beauty is certainly gearing up in her career - as well as her new TV show, she has recently launched her own perfume, as well as a lingerie and swimwear range.