Detecting stroke symptoms is vital

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THOUSANDS of Wiganers could be at risk of mini strokes according to leading health charities.

Today is World Stroke Day and the Stroke Association say that people are at risk because of a failure to recognise the signs of a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) - also known as mini-stroke.

Professor Peter Rothwell, lead researcher of the project says: “A TIA is an emergency and a significant proportion of people will go on to have a major stroke if they don’t seek urgent medical attention. However, this poll suggests that the signs of a TIA are still being ignored. This needs to change.”

Wigan’s local support group, Think Ahead, are also marking World Stroke Day by showcasing the work of Stroke survivors who take part in the various craft workshop.

Think Ahead staff and a selection of its members are attending a World Stroke Day event at the DW Stadium, Wigan, organised by the Greater Manchester Cardiac and Stroke Network, which offers an opportunity for healthcare professionals to learn the results of recent studies and research in the field of Stroke care.

Think Ahead Stroke Group has been improving life for Stroke Survivors, their families and carers across the Wigan borough since the year 2000, through their unique and long term ‘Living With Stroke’ programme. The charity provides a range of suitable social and educational activities for members, including photography and art classes.

Creative Think Ahead members will be displaying some of their finished works, including calendars and greetings cards, which are on sale to raise funds for the charity’s ongoing work in the local community.

Carol Sankey, Executive Manager at Think Ahead, said: “It’s so important to mark World Stroke Day locally, as approximately 1,000 people across Wigan and Leigh experience stroke every year. We’re very proud to be showcasing the work of our members who demonstrate that there is life after stroke.

“The TIA figures released today are very concerning. It’s vital that Think Ahead as a charity continues to raise awareness and teach people to detect the symptoms of Stroke quickly.”

For more information on Think Ahead’s activities, or to purchase any of the fundraising cards and calendars, please visit or call 01942 824 888.

Pictured above: Stroke survivors Lila Aspinall and Theresa Weatherhead with finished works from Think Ahead’s art group.