Ditch the car and cycle to work

Cycle to work
Cycle to work
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SINCE the 2012 Olympics, the number of cyclists on the road has soared.

It’s a hobby which many have picked up and seem to enjoy.

However, one thing that is being encouraged nationally is getting more people to use their bikes to commute to work.

Tomorrow is “Cycle to Work Day”. According the census data, 760,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly – this number keeps growing steadily, but with the scheme it’s hoped that one million people will be regularly commuting to work by bike in 2021.

It’s a concept promoted heavily backed in Wigan with a number of cycle routes being added. The latest, on Ormskirk Road to Wigan town centre, is due to open imminently.

It isn’t just the short distance commutes being encouraged though, with many travelling long distances.

One such person is Jon Wyatt, who travels from Leigh to Warrington every day.

He said: “I cycle from Pennington to my work in Warrington. It’s mostly country roads. I try to avoid the main roads because it’s never nice battling with cars.

“It takes me about an hour each way and it’s a round trip of around 28 miles .

“Some cars can be a pain but it depends how you ride a lot of the time but most I have no problems with, you just get the odd one who is a bit obnoxious.

“I’ve been doing it for about four of five years, I started doing it because I was sick of getting stuck in traffic, coming back is definitely quicker.

“I tend to drive in one day a week and bring all my clothes in and cycle the rest of the week. It’s definitely something more people should do I think.”

Teacher Karen Fairhurst says cycling has “no negatives” and is always encouraging others to follow her lead by taking the bike to work.

She said: “I work at Cansfield High School in Ashton and cycle from Charnock Richard every day.

“It’s about 16 miles each way in total because I have a little de-tour to see my horse on the way.

“The kids are always asking questions about cycling, it’s a really good way of travelling.

“There are no negative sides for me even when it’s raining or snowing I just use a mountain bike.”