Dom has an eye for the big time

Talent - Dom Foster
Talent - Dom Foster
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A WIGAN photographer is using his skills to create music videos and album sleeves for top bands.

Dominic Foster, 26, caught the eye of a new critically acclaimed band after working with Wigan favourites, The Suzukis.

The Billinge-born man, has just completed work on the album sleeve for the debut album by The Sand Band and filmed the video for their new single, Set Me Free.

Dominic said: “I’ve always been interested in taking pictures and making films.

“I just started out by taking photographs at music gigs. One of the first bands I photographed was The Suzukis, they really liked what I did and so I filmed their first two videos for them.

“As they are signed to Deltasonic along with The Sand Band, they noticed my work and asked me to work with them.”

The Sand Band features lead guitarist David McDonnell who once worked with Wigan legend, Richard Ashcroft.

Noel Gallagher is reportedly interested in taking the band on tour with him later this year.

Dominic added: “The Sand Band have been getting rave reviews so their album cover is everywhere.

“It’s amazing to open music magazines such as Q, NME and Mojo and find my work in there, and to see it in shops knowing that it’s my work.

“The video for Set Me Free was shot on a hill overlooking Widnes during sunset.

“The lads from the band gave me their song and I had a think about what we could do.

“That’s what usually happens, bands come to me and then we work out together what we could do with hardly any money.”

Dominic who is a former Winstanley College and St Peter’s High School pupil, takes inspiration from film noir.

He added: “I think I take a lot of inspiration from films. I love film noir and stuff from the 70s.

“Back then, there were no big budgets and I like seeing what you can do with nothing.

“I like just filming what is already there as sometimes I think when you have a big budget to work with and start messing about with lighting and other bits, it isn’t real anymore.

“I also find that filming in black and white makes videos grittier.”

Dominic and his work can be found on Facebook.