La Sentidos Loca: Bringing the Mexican flavour to Wigan

In the United States, the Mexican cuisine industry is worth an estimated $41bn. From tacos to tortillas, fajitas to frijoles the Mexican foodie revolution has found a foothold on UK shores as well, with La Sentidos Loca in Wigan offering locals the chance to chow down on some serious Tex-Mex grub.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 11:24 am
(from left) Sophie Bradshaw, Ramonas Sleikus, and Anna McKay at La Sentidos Loca
(from left) Sophie Bradshaw, Ramonas Sleikus, and Anna McKay at La Sentidos Loca

A vibrant restaurant and cocktail bar catering for all your Aztec-influenced cravings, La Sentidos Loca really puts the 'chill' back in 'chilli', offering a generous menu of classic Mexican dishes as well as an array of steaks, burgers, and sides guaranteed to chimi your changa.

"I like it, it's a very nice place to work," said Restaurant Supervisor Anna McKay, 26. "We've got a very good team - we've had pretty much the same staple team since we opened - so we're a strong group and we all know the restaurant inside out. It makes for a nice environment.

"Day-to-day, I open the restaurant, I close it, I get it all set up for the day, I serve tables, and as we come to the close, I sign everything off and sort the money out," added Anna, who is from Wigan and who has been at the restaurant since it opened in 2016. "I don't think there's anywhere else local offering what we offer; there are burger places, but we're definitely the only one offering Mexican.

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La Sentidos Loca, Wigan

"We have a lot of regulars - some come at least once a week," she said. "It's nice to offer something different."

Wigan-born waitress Sophie Bradshaw, 20, has worked at La Sentidos Loca for three months and is loving it so far. "It's really good," she said. "It's a nice place to work - this has been my favourite job I've had. Everyone's really nice and the atmosphere is really good. We get a lot of regulars who come along and you get to know them really well and they're all lovely."

Supervisor Anna McKay
Sophie Bradshaw