Emilie’s got a new living

Kym Marsh and Emilie Cunliffe
Kym Marsh and Emilie Cunliffe

KYM Marsh’s daughter has landed herself a new job.

In between singing at gigs and recording with producer Damon Hess, the 17-year-old has become self-employed selling natural aloe-vera-based products for Forever Living.

Ashton-born Kym said: “She’s doing really well. She launched it at our house. I got a group of my friends over and Emilie stood up and explained the products and we all bought some. She’s doing the job as well as the singing as she wants top earn some money - she’s going to be driving soon and I don’t think she likes to rely on me for too much.”

Kym has been spending even more time with her family, celebrating her mum and dad, Pauline and Dave Marsh’s golden wedding anniversary. Pauline shared a photo from her wedding day and wrote on Twitter: “So overwhelmed by all you’re lovely messages today for our very special anniversary thank you so much x” Congratulations @marshyswife and @Davestheman113 hope you had a lovely day x”

And showing there are no hard feelings, Kym’s ex-fiance Dan Hooper posted a message of congratulations to Pauine and Dave.

And it seems Kym is moving on, she told her OK! column: “I’m feeling in a good mood as work is going really well and all my children are happy. I feel like I’m getting back to my old self after what has been a pretty hard year.

Emilie is doing the job as well as the singing as she wants top earn some money

Kym Marsh

“I’ve been spending time with my parents, my kids and my friends and it’s just been brilliant for me to do that, as we are all so close - I’m in a really good place now.”