Emilie’s got The Voice

Kym Marsh poses with her daughter Emilie Cunliffe
Kym Marsh poses with her daughter Emilie Cunliffe

KYM Marsh’s daughter may not have got far on Britain’s Got Talent, but she hopes to make a better impression on The Voice.

Emilie Cunliffe’s audition for the BBC One talent show will be aired tonight at 7pm, with Kym and fiance Dan Cooper waiting nervously backstage.

Speaking to The Sun about watching Emilie, Kym said: “I was so nervous all day.

“We were just on eggshells. I couldn’t sleep the night before, and I couldn’t eat. Emilie was nervous.”

And pushing aside rumours the former Hear’Say singer is a pushy mum, Kym, who found fame on 2001 ITV show Popstars, said: “This has to be one hundred million percent her choice. She couldn’t be going into a show like this unless it was.

“Emilie doesn’t like to mention me or my work. She has a different surname from mine too. She’s determined to do this by herself.”

She also spoke about Emilie to OK! magazine, adding: “Her friendships are very important to her but she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. She’s a very level headed girl though.”

Meanwhile, the Ashton star has spoken to OK! about her engagement to Dan and how it all nearly went wrong. The personal trainer had a romantic break to Venice, but Kym had to work late, so Dan had to get later flights to Amsterdam instead.

Kym added: “Amsterdam was lovely though We just wandered around in our own little bubble.”

She also addressed critics who attack her for this being her third marriage, as she said: “For me, to say yes to Dan after 10 months of dating means a lot. I know people think it’s quick but I wouldn’t be marrying him if I wasn’t certain. I’m not entering into this lightly but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

The couple plan to marry later this year and want their youngest children, Dan’s four-year-old daughter Lexi and Kym’s three-year-old daughter Polly - to be flower girls. They are looking to sell Kym’s current house in Cheshire and move to Warrington to be nearer the children’s schools before they get wed.