Emma Hoolin: You’ve done it!

Emma Hoolin with her mum Jill
Emma Hoolin with her mum Jill

IN the space of just 62 miraculous days, the people of Wigan have hit the jackpot for little Emma Hoolin.

When the Wigan Observer’s first front page article was published on September 20 setting a mammoth £211,000 target for the town to raise in aid of the cancer-stricken four-year-old within a matter of weeks, it perhaps looked a challenge too far.

But that didn’t take account of the generosity of thousands of Wiganers who dug deep in their pockets in one of the fastest races to a big charity total for one person in British fund-raising history.

In an emotional letter from their temporary home in Philadelphia, where Emma is now undergoing pioneering immunological treatment, the Hoolins thanked the “wonderful people of Wigan” for their kindness in giving the youngster a precious new lifeline.

But the fund-raising will go on. Charity organisers hope for thousands more that may have to be pressed into service if Emma suffers complications over the coming months.

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