Eva is back!

Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley

CATHERINE Tyldesley is back on TV screens this week as feisty Eva Price returns to the cobbles.

Eva’s come-back will be seen on Wednesday as she flies back from France and hopes to win back former boyfriend Jason Grimshaw.

Catherine, who was on maternity leave from Coronation Street until she began filming in July, said; “When she was in France visiting her grandmother, Eva got engaged on the rebound to a lovely Frenchman. But her heart just wasn’t in it. She’s still very much in love with Jason. And although she feels embarrassed about having had another failed relationship, she is hoping in her heart of hearts, that she can rekindle something with Jason. And as soon as she sees him, everything comes rushing back to her.”

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday will see Eva return to the Rovers, where she soon gets into a spat with Jason’s brother Todd, who was behind their break-up.

She added: “Yes, she’s had a few drinks on the aeroplane and she soon reverts back to her bolshy, feisty self. We saw a more vulnerable side to Eva just before she left. But she returns with a tougher side on show, which has been nice to play.”

The 31-year-old actress wrote in her blog about how excited she was to be back: “Things are really gearing up in Weatherfield as preparations begin for our ‘live episode’. There’s a real buzz at work, I can’t wait to be a part of things! The story lining is awesome to say the least. You lot are in for such a treat!”

She also spoke of her fiance’s birthday. Tom Pitfield, who was brought up in Standish, turned 29 last week.

She wrote; “Happy Birthday to my amazing fiancé Tom! We celebrated with a date night at one of our favourite restaurants.”

Fellow co-star Kym Marsh, of Ashton, also mentioned Corrie’s hour-long live episode on September 23. She said in her OK! column: “We’ve only just been given the script because the writers don’t want any of the storylines being leaked. We start rehearsals next week, which is going to be quite full-on, as there is a lot to learn. I wasn’t able to do the last live episode in 2010 as I was on bed rest due to a difficult pregnancy with Polly.”