Extra show put on for hit Titanic drama

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TITANIC centenary fever has so gripped Wiganers that a local drama group has had to lay on an extra performance of a new production about the disaster.

Willpower Youth Theatre is putting the final touches to a specially-written play called Titanic which was to have been given two stagings at at St Michael’s Church Hall in Swinley on the evenings of April 13 and 14.

But so quickly have those performances sold out, that an extra matinee has been arranged at short notice to take place at 2.30pm on Saturday, April 14, the day the famous liner hit the iceberg 100 years ago (although it went down the next day).

Tickets, which must be booked in advance, are in the form of exact copies of the boarding passes issued to the real passengers boarding the ship.

Every member of the audience as they enter the hall will be given a name of a real passenger who boarded.

At the end they can check the lists that will be put up to see whether they managed to get into a lifeboat or not.

Willpower director Caroline Joynt said: “We have done a tremendous amount of research for the show and every character on stage is a real person who travelled or worked on the Titanic.

“To our knowledge some of them have never had their story told before.

“We have no fictional characters (such as Rose and Jack), the people we have used really existed and as much as possible we have incorporated eye witness accounts and statements. Many times the characters say what they actually did say on that fateful night.

“We are delighted at the response for tickets, and that is why we have organised an extra performance.”

Tickets, costing £5 and £4, can be ordered by phoning 01942 745082.