Face it, Donna’s making it big

Donna Myers
Donna Myers

A WIGAN businesswoman is making it big on TV – by making up its stars.

Freelance make-up artist Donna Myers worked on the music video for rock band Feeder’s new single Children of the Sun, and was responsible for the gory make-up on the History Channel’s series, Crimes of Britain.

The 28-year-old receives a lot of her work through Wigan Pier Promotions as she also divides her time between working at weddings, special events, and face painting.

“My ambition is to work on even bigger things in the future, including more TV and magazine work,” said Donna.

“But I enjoy this as it gives me the opportunity to work with the general public, not only the models on the shows, and I feel this helps me keep up my make-up skills. I love making a bride feel beautiful and special on her big day.

“There are so many different areas in make-up that I love but the creative side is my favourite area.

“When watching shows like Strictly Come Dancing, I always look at the make-up and think I would love to do something like that, so you never know maybe it will happen in the future!”

Despite enjoying the pressures of working behind the scenes, she admits the conditions are not always entirely glamourous.

She said: “I really enjoyed the day and I got to meet the band members who were really down to earth and chatty.

“The only bad thing about the day was that we were in a freezing cold old warehouse, it was hot outside but we had our coats and scarfs on inside, which wasn’t very glamorous.

“We started early in the morning and were on set until the early hours of the next morning.

“This is not unusual for a shoot to take this long and so a lot of patience is needed to be a make-up artist. Although it’s not all work, we do have a laugh on set.

“For one of the episodes they asked a few of the crew members to be an extra, including me.

“They gave me a nurse’s uniform and I had to be in the background going about my nurse job.”