Family ties for Kym and Charley

Charley Webb
Charley Webb

EMMERDALE actress Charley Webb has admitted that she and Ashton star Kym Lomas are very close.

Charley, who is Jamie Lomas’ half sister, was delighted when the pair got wed last month.

She even helped out with some of the plans, including an elaborate wedding dance, which also included herself, fiance Matthew Wolfenden, and Kym’s daughter Emily.

Speaking to New! magazine, she said: “Kym and I are just like sisters. We argue like sisters, talk like sisters - we’re really close.”

The 24-year-old added that she and her fellow Emmerdale actor Matthew spend a lot of time with Kym and Jamie.

She said: “We spend a lot of time in with the kids. It’s nicer chilling out at home.

“Our children (Charley’s son Buster and Kym’s daughter Polly) get on really well.

“Buster’s a very confident child so he’ll talk to anyone.

“Polly’s a bit more subdued than Buster but he brings her out of her shell.”

She added that she is trying to teach Polly to pout, following a recent picture on Twitter.

Meanwhile Charley admitted she was nervous about Wednesday’s live episode to celebrate Emmerdale’s 40th anniversary and was happy to have been given so many challenging storylines.

But she shared no desire to go in Dancing On Ice, like Matthew did last year.