Fishing to cure cancer

Cancer survivor Jed Thomas, right, with daughter Rebecca
Cancer survivor Jed Thomas, right, with daughter Rebecca

A CANCER survivor and his teenage daughter have organised a charity fishing match.

And it isn’t the first time that Jed Thomas has called on Rebecca for help either.

He says the 16-year-old has been “inspirational” in helping him through his treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma, from which he is now in remission.

“I found lumps near the back of my spine last June,” said Jed.“I went to my GP and he checked them and found a big one I’ve had since 12.

“He sent me to the hospital for a biopsy and it came back in August it was cancerous.

“From there I went to The Christie for three weeks of radiotherapy and that was awful. All my mouth was blistered. Half of my face was just totally different, it just burnt my skin.

“Rebecca and my wife were there every day for me and more than anything it was hard work for them. They’ve been so strong for me. It was a very hard time but we’ve got through it. In the last week I couldn’t even swallow water.”

It was a torrid time for the family who live in Walkden Avenue but it was one they came through together.

Both Jed and Rebecca are keen anglers and the former Deanery High School pupil came up with a unique way to raise some money.

“Seeing my dad go through what he did was horrible,” said Rebecca. “It was awful to see him go through so much pain but he was so strong. I decided to try and organise a charity fishing match and that takes place this Friday.

“We’re really looking forward to it, lots of people are coming out and we’re going to raise money for Cancer Research.”

The match, raising money for Cancer Research, will take place tomorrow at the Cunneries on Parr Lane, Eccleston, Chorley, with a number of other things going on throughout the day, including a cake sale.