Food hygiene ratings Wigan: The restaurants, cafés, takeaways and sandwich shops awarded one star in the last 12 months, according to the Food Standards Agency

Each establishment in Wigan which deals with food has their hygiene standards inspected by safety officers from the local authority.

Officials from the Food Standards Agency often conduct impromptu visits to food-serving premises across the borough.

Businesses are scored from zero to five on a variety of different components such as how food is handled with preparation, cooking, reheating and storage.

They also look at the cleanliness, layout and structure of the building when it comes to lighting, ventilation and how it is managed.

These are the businesses in Wigan, which only scored one out of five stars in their last inspection over the last year, meaning they require major improvement.

All ratings were correct on the Food Standards Agency website as of December 2022:

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