Food for thought for Kym

Kym Lomas
Kym Lomas
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RECALLING her days as a struggling single mum, Kym Lomas is calling for children in deprived areas to have free school meals.

The Ashton-born star has joined The Children’s Society’s campaign to help youngsters from poorer families gain access to free hot dinners.

She said: “I’m a mum to three children and I know just how important it is that they get regular square meals. “It really shocks me that in 2013, there are over a million children in poverty that don’t get a free school meal.

“Before my music career, I was a struggling single mum, looking after two small children and trying to do the best for my family. I used to struggle to pay the bills and at times it was even difficult to keep the house warm.

“I know that for me and my kids, having had free school meals would have been a massive help and would have meant my money went further at home to pay for other essentials for the family.

“I was lucky that I got a break, but it could easily have been very different. Those early family days were really tough time for me. And there are millions of families up and down the country who are going through the same thing today.

“For a lot of these families, if they didn’t get free school meals, their kids might miss out on a proper lunch.

“It just doesn’t seem right that there are hard working parents on a low wage, struggling to do the best for their family, who don’t get free school meals.

“We may be going through tough financial times, but it just doesn’t seem fair that working families have to worry so much about whether their children can get a decent meal during the school day. And without proper food at lunch time, how can we expect these children to learn?

“At a time when the vast majority of parents are doing their best, but still finding it hard, the government has a chance to help hundreds of thousands of families across the country.”

The Coronation Street actress spoke passionately about the subject on Loose Women last week.

She also appeared on ITV’s game show Tipping Point Lucky Stars.

Meanwhile, Kym’s husband, former Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas, is to join EastEnders as Jake Stone, a womanising alcoholic. He said: “I’m over the moon to be joining the cast of EastEnders. I have admired the show for many years and I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into the role.”