Footy fans walk for Joseph’s Goal

Wigan Athletic first team players and club staff show their support for Joseph's Goal as they promote the fundraising walk to Bolton
Wigan Athletic first team players and club staff show their support for Joseph's Goal as they promote the fundraising walk to Bolton

WIGAN Athletic fans will be ditching their cars for the short trip to the Reebok Stadium next month for their game with Bolton Wanderers ... to raise money for Joseph’s Goal.

Following on from the hugely successful “Walk4Emma” three years ago, the supporters will once again walk to Horwich for the crunch game with their rivals to raise money for a good cause.

In 2012, thousands of pounds were raised for the Emma Hoolin appeal, which went a long way to securing the money she needed for her US cancer treatment.

Joseph’s Goal was set up by our football correspondent Paul Kendrick, to raise money for research into non-ketotic hyperglycinemia, a rare genetic disorder with which his five-year-old son Joseph was diagnosed at birth.

Now Latics fan Barry Worthington, who organised the Walk4Emma, wants a repeat performance and, with Latics winning 2-1 after the first walk, a similar result too!

He said: “This event will be big, brash and fun, it will certainly raise awareness, hopefully helping Joseph and his family to achieve their monetary target. Of course many people will know Joseph as our mascot in the FA Cup final. His story has touched the hearts of all the people that have been made aware of his condition. Please show your support by participating in the walk.” The game kicks off at 3pm on Saturday March 29 with Latics fans leaving the DW for the Reebok at 10am.

There will be a stop-off point at New Springs Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Cale Lane, for refreshments and the fans are due to arrive at the Reebok for approximately 1.30pm. The group will be joined by Joe’s family, including Paul, as well as a number of staff from Wigan Athletic with former player Neill Rimmer heading the line.

“We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the level of interest in the Walk4Joseph so far,” said Paul. “It actually started the night Latics were relegated from the Premier League at Arsenal - we started getting tweets from fans trying to look on the bright side, saying at least we’d be able to walk to Bolton this season!

“We’ve since had loads of Bolton fans wanting to get involved, and it’s great to see fans of rival clubs coming together for Joseph’s Goal.

“I’ve got to say a big ‘thank you’ to Barry Worthington for all his tireless work in organising and promoting the walk.

“He’s also sorted out the pies for our ‘half-time’ snack en route, which will hopefully re-energise us for the home straight to Horwich.”

Anyone who wants to take part in the walk is asked to register so organisers can plan for insurance, licences and, of course, the number of pies needed in New Springs.

Anyone wishing to join should email their details to and they will be supplied with a sponsor form and a poster explaining the details of the event.

There is a justgiving page set up for our proceeds to be paid into:, this links directly into the Joseph Goal Appeal and keeps a track of how much money the walk4joseph will make.