From Hollyoaks to Hollywood

Jamie Lomas
Jamie Lomas
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RICKY Whittle has promised to help former Hollyoaks co-star Jamie Lomas with his US ambitions.

Jamie, who is engaged to Ashton actress Kym Marsh, recently bowed out from his role as Warren Fox on the Channel 4 soap, and has often said that he would like to secure Stateside acting work.

His former co-star, Ricky, who used to reside in Billinge, is now settling down in Los Angeles to focus on his US dreams.

He recently had a small part in film Austenland, alongside actress Jane Seymore, and hopes to introduce Jamie to his contacts.

He said: “I’m going to introduce Jamie to some people while he’s here and I’ll help him find a car.”

Meanwhile, Ricky told the Liverpool Echo about his near misses.

He said: “It’s been a couple of months of frustrations because of visa problems, so I’ve missed out on playing a killer in CSI: Miami and a role in NBC’s comedy Up All Night.

“It’s very frustrating because I was in Las Vegas when I got offered CSI. So when I got a copy of my visa to them it was too late.

“But I got three of my last four gigs and my agent said if all of his clients did that, he’d be a rich man. I’ve got my green card coming through and I’d like to apply for American citizenship.”