Fun day inspired by daughter

Vickie pictured with her daughter Jamee-Lea Morris
Vickie pictured with her daughter Jamee-Lea Morris

HER daughter’s successful childhood battle against cancer and the memory of an old friend are inspiring a Wigan woman to raise charity money with a fun day.

Vickie Blackburn of Marus Bridge will host an afternoon of events this Sunday afternoon at St Jude’s Rugby League Club in Poolstock.

And the 37-year-old will donate the money raised to the cancer unit at Manchester Children’s Hospital, Millie’s Trust, and Brake the road safety charity.

The main impetus for the money-spinner is her 18-year-old daughter Jamiee-Lea who was diagnosed with kidney cancer when she was just three years old.

She said: “I’m so proud of the young lady she has turned into, she’ll never know just how proud I am.”

Jamee-Lea was diagnosed with the illness in November 1998.

And with the cancer being so aggressive, doctors told Vickie that her daughter was unlikely to survive.

At such a young age the tot had to endure months of chemotherapy followed by an operation to remove one of her kidneys.

Vickie explained: “It was such a stressful time I think I have tried to just block everything out.

“I was on my own with her at the time and when I look back now I just don’t even know what happened - it was like a whirlwind.

“I was told that the type of cancer grew in the womb. And so when my other two children were born, eight-year-old Mia and two-year-old Charlie, I was terrified that they would also get it.

“But, fingers crossed, they’ve been absolutely fine. We’ve been really lucky.”

The teenager has now been cancer-free for more than 13 years.

But she has to ensure she takes care of her health and her kidneys constantly.

Vickie said: “Jamee-Lea was fine up until about 2010 when she kept contracting kidney infections. And so we’re currently waiting for her to have an operation to ease that.

“She’s just used to it and knows how to look after herself properly.

“I was worried when she turned 18 she would want to go out drinking a lot. But she’s not bothered about alcohol at all.

“She hardly drinks anything and always does really well.”

Vickie is also donating to the road safety charity Brake in memory of her friend, Terry Charlton, who was killed when walking across Warrington Road, Goose Green three years ago.

She added: “Terry was such a good friend I just felt that it was only right to fund-raise as well in his memory.”

The event, which runs from noon until 4pm, will include a fun fair, donkey rides, a children’s entertainer, a children’s fancy dress competition, stalls, a tombola, a raffle and lots more.

For more information contact Vickie on 01942 518260 or 07450 492464.