Funding appeal launched for better festive decorations

A Christmas tree in Standish
A Christmas tree in Standish

Residents in a Wigan township have launched an appeal to improve its Christmas decorations, announcing plans for a “living” tree as the centrepiece for this year’s celebrations.

The money raised by the appeal will go towards the tree, in Standish centre, along with decorations, paving and railings.

The festive furnishings will ultimately be paid for by a mixture of grants, sponsorship and fundraising.

Standish Voice committee member Ron Wade, who has chaired the Christmas decorations group, said: “The Christmas decorations group are pleased to announce that after overcoming many obstacles, Standish will have its very own real living Christmas Tree. A living tree has the advantage that, although it is not cheap, it should outlast most of us.

“It is also much more eco-friendly than having an intensely farmed cut tree every year - and, in the long run, will work out cheaper. The project will involve buying the tree and decorations this year and then having paving and decorative railings around it next year.”

Last year, Standish Christmas Tree, located in front of St Wilfrid’s Church, was highly criticised and even named in the national media as one of the worst in the country.

Money raised from the public will also be put to laying flagging around the tree and railings, which will be done for next year. To contribute visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/standish-chrismas