Game points

Abi Maher and Tracy Fisher on BBC gameshow Pointless
Abi Maher and Tracy Fisher on BBC gameshow Pointless

ABI Maher is aiming for quiz show stardom!

The 30-year-old from Higher Ince took on the unusual challenge offered by the new BBC show Pointless.

It see contestants battle against each other to earn as few marks as possible.

The aim of the game is to come up with answers no-one else will think of and win as few points as they can.

Abi said: “I applied to go on the show with my friend, Tracy Fisher, of Salford, as she is a big fan.

“I didn’t think we would get through, but we did and had an audition in November with five other couples and we really enjoyed it.

“We also had interviews on camera and then had to wait to see if we had made it onto the show itself.

“I was really excited when I found out we had got through and we filmed our spot on Valentine’s Day.

“We were really looking forward to meeting the presenter Alexander Armstrong, as we have huge crushes on him and he was so nice.

“It was lovely to meet the other contestants and the production team was also really friendly.

“There was plenty of laughter as I have a massive personality and there was a lot of funny banter between everyone.”

Abi, who works at the General Medical Council in Manchester, is sworn to secrecy over how well she and Tracy do, but revealed they will be shown on both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s episodes.

This is not Abi’s first taste of game shows, as in 2007, she competed in University Challenge with the University of Central Lancashire.

The team lost in a humiliating defeat of 265 points to 20.

Two years later Abi appeared on Mastermind, with her specialist topic being English artist Louis Wain - and she still has the bug to do more TV shows.

She added: “I am thinking of doing Mastermind again if I could find another specialist topic as I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience.

“I am also looking into doing The Million Pound Drop and Eggheads if I can get a team together.

“I think once you have been on a TV quiz show, producers know you won’t fall apart on camera.

“I feel lucky to have got the opportunity to appear on these shows. I applied and suddenly I’m on TV.”

Catch Pointless tomorrow and Thursday, BBC One at 5.15pm to see how Abi and her pal Tracy get on.