Game review - Bulletstorm XBOX 360

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BULLETSTORM, unlike a lot of games that doesn’t belong to an established series, received a lot of publicity, which gave it a lot to live up to.

One of the two main developers, People Can Fly, is a relative unknown, having only worked on Gears of War additional content for the PC previously, but the other developer, Epic Games, created the whole Gears of War series. Gears of War was good in all but one aspect: It was in third person. Aside from that, it was great. However, Bulletstorm is a First Person Shooter, so the game showed a lot of promise before I even played it.

The plot of the game is extremely simple. Your character, Grayson Hunt, has to escape a planet he’s crash landed on by locating the general of the army he’s defected from; the planet in question is the site of a huge conflict between a tribal human gang known as the Skulls, and a race similar to Fallout’s Ghouls. Not exactly a complex plot, but it doesn’t need to be in a game like Bulletstorm.

Happily, Bulletstorm’s gameplay didn’t disappoint. The main selling point for the game is the fact that it isn’t a conventional shooter in any sense of the word. As far as I can recall, in Call of Duty you definitely cannot kick an enemy into a wall of spikes and be awarded a sack full of extra points for it. There are literally hundreds of “Skillshots”, specific ways of killing enemies that earn extra points. They range from simply shooting them in the head, to killing two enemies with a single sniper bullet. Of course, there are many more complicated ones… I just lack the patience to go through several different moves to kill a single enemy.

This, perhaps, is Bulletstorm’s only downfall. With such a vast array of mutilation methods, it sometimes becomes overwhelming, and I often found myself taking the more traditional route of simply shooting my way out. However, this problem was small enough to have a very small impact on my overall enjoyment of the game.

Another positive of the game is that, unlike other shooters, such as Call of Duty and Halo, the protagonist of the game is overflowing with personality. Some of Hunt’s lines actually made me laugh out loud, which is a spectacular feat achieved by only the comedic elite of the gaming industry. Even the game’s adverts were hilarious (if you’ve not seen the main trailer I suggest you do, search for “Duty Calls” on Youtube), which is obviously a big bonus.

Bulletstorm, also going against the trend of most modern games, does not feature a competitive multiplayer mode. However, in my opinion, Bulletstorm would not work whatsoever competitively, so it instead features a co-operative online play, where you and 3 friends, or randomly selected players, try to score as many points as possible to clear waves of enemies.

In my opinion, Bulletstorm will qualify as one of 2011’s best games, and I would recommend you get it. Now. Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing and get it right now. I’m not joking, get it.

Bulletstorm is available to rent or buy from BLOCKBUSTER, WIGAN LANE, WIGAN.