Gandalf’s no drunk!

Sir Ian Mckellen
Sir Ian Mckellen

SIR Ian McKellen loved filming The Hobbit in New Zealand, as it felt like home.

The Wigan-born star said he was happy to reprise his character of Gandalf whilst speaking at a Comic Con event in San Diego.

He said: “It was lovely to be back in New Zealand with the people who make the films, many of whom were on Lord of The Rings 13 years ago, so it’s been a little bit like going home.”

Sir Ian was joined by director and producer Sir Peter Jackson, and actors Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood, to reveal a 15-minute behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

Whilst there, Sir Peter revealed he planned to split The Hobbit: There and Back Again, the sequel to 2012’s adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s novel, into two separate films, creating a trilogy.

Meanwhile, St Ian admitted he was never a fan of Gandalf The White, saying: “The White was not our favourite. We stuck with him through two movies, but we’re very glad to get back to the straggle-bearded Gandalf the Grey, who sleeps under hedge rows, likes drinking, having a smoke and telling a joke.”

But the actor drew a line at letting Gandalf get drunk, saying: “Peter Jackson said to me when we were in Hobbiton and all the dwarves were drinking that Gandalf should get a bit tipsy. I put him in his place there. Gandalf does not get drunk. He can handle his drink.”