Get involved in TV show

Do you have the neighbours from hell?

Wigan people who are experiencing difficulties with their neighbours are being asked to take part in a new television show aiming to resolve neighbourhood disputes.

From the makers of ITV’s Children’s Hospital comes a new documentary following the work of people involved in Community Mediation.

Up and down the country, teams of experts on hand to offer help and support in all areas of neighbourhood disputes, it’s their aim to effectively resolve these issues for both parties involved. Maverick Television will be filming this series in Wigan and is offering Wigan people the opportunity to take part.

Series Producer Fiona Inskip said: “Often there’s a straightforward, mutually agreeable solution to a dispute.

“But rather than talk rationally to each other when the problem first arises, neighbours instead let disagreements simmer to boiling point, by which time everyone is simply too angry to work out a solution.

“This is where our team of experts come to the rescue.”

Are the noises next door keeping you up at all hours?

Are you unhappy with how your neighbour parks their car?

Perhaps you’re having a dispute over the size or placement of a garden fence? Or is the litter across the street causing you concern?

It could be you’re receiving unreasonable complaints from your neighbours?

No matter how big or small the issue, get in touch.

Email or call 0121 2248359.