Going crackers

Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen

SIR Ian McKellen has gone crackers in his new role.

The actor, who grew up in Wigan, has been cast in Animal Crackers, an animated film by Blue Dream Studios. It will also feature the voices of Danny DeVito, Sylvester Stallone and Patrick Warburton.

Animator Scott Christian Sava said: “When I was writing Animal Crackers, I had specific voices in my head. Certain characters I wrote with actors in mind. Horatio was always Sir Ian McKellen. To find out that these actors have agreed to come on board this film and bring these characters to life... I’m flipping out.”

The film, which is to be completed by summer 2016, follows a family that inherits a run-down circus and a box of Animal Crackers, which can be transformed into different animals.