Got any ID, love?

Lisa Nandy (right)
Lisa Nandy (right)

FRESHFACED Wigan MP Lisa Nandy may struggle to get served alcoholic drinks in future.

The 34-year-old was asked for ID when she was ordering a round of drinks at a London bar last week.

She said: “I was in the pub with a few friends, I ordered a round and then the nice woman behind the bar said ‘do you have any ID?’

“I thought she may be joking at first and I said ‘I’ll see if I do’

“When you’re 34 you don’t tend to carry ID around with you.”

The shadow charities minister found her ID and she was able to buy her drinks.

But Lisa admitted she was quite flattered, rather than embarrassed, as she tweeted: “34 years old and just got ID’d in the pub. Yes really... #happydays.”

She added later: “The bar woman was probably about my age, it was quite good fun - an ego boost.

“My friends were more amused about how pleased I was.

“I don’t think it happened to any of them for a long time.

“When you turn 30, you have finally accepted you are an adult and act accordingly.

“So far I have never been asked for ID in Wigan, but here is hoping.”

Meanwhile, Lisa admitted that she was starstruck when she met some high profile celebrities in London.

She was interviewed on Sky News with Dermot Murnaghan and was talking to Olympic champion Katherine Grainger,

She then met former Pop Idol winner and star of musical Cabaret, Will Young.

She posted on Twitter: “After chatting to Olympic champion Katherine Grainger on @murnaghansky, ran into Will Young on the way out #bitstarstruck.”