Graphic novel tells story of Everyman

Author Brian Gorman with his graphic novel Everyman
Author Brian Gorman with his graphic novel Everyman

The story of the man behind a famous cult TV series has been committed to paper in a Wigan-born author’s new graphic novel.

Brian Gorman, originally from Norley, has brought out Everyman: The Story Of Patrick McGoohan - The Prisoner.

The book tells the life story of the actor and director in the style of his most famous work, the mysterious TV series The Prisoner which was shot in North Wales and in which he played the central character of a man who finds himself in a strange and sinister enclosed society.

The new work is not the first time Brian has looked at the life of McGoohan, writing a stage play with the same title several years ago.

Brian has made no secret of his enthusiasm for both McGoohan and his best-known TV programme, describing The Prisoner as “an absolute classic” and “a wonderful example of innovative film-making.”

Everyman is also Brian’s second foray into the world of graphic novels after he attempted to crowd fund Borderliners, a tense thriller involving government agents battling corruption while uncovering a major conspiracy, last year.

The Prisoner made a huge impact when it was released onto British TV screens in 1967, immediately standing out with its unusual, enigmatic narrative and unique setting in the elaborate model community of Portmeirion.

The 17 episodes tell the story of an unnamed former British secret agent who finds himself in a bizarre coastal resort known as The Village after abruptly resigning from his job.

The Village’s surreal atmosphere, with the important figures in the community simply given numbers rather than names and the balloon-like Rover that would emerge to capture anyone attempting to leave, made a huge impact on TV writers and film-makers.

McGoohan, who died in 2009, was also known for his roles in 1960s TV series Danger Man and US programme Columbo as well as making several film appearances, including as King Edward in Mel Gibson’s epic Braveheart.

With Everyman currently shipping Brian is spending time in London overseeing a new production of New DawnFades, his successful play about Joy Division and the band’s tragically-shortlived frontman Ian Curtis.

Everyman: The Story of Patrick McGoohan - The Prisoner, by Brian Gorman, is out now. To find out more, visit