Great Scott - Empire man is off to the capital!

Empire Cinema manager Scott Fraser set to move down to London to work at the flagship Leicester Square cinema
Empire Cinema manager Scott Fraser set to move down to London to work at the flagship Leicester Square cinema
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WHEN film stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson take to the red carpet for the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie, keep an eye out for another familiar face who you might just recognise from much closer to home.

Scott Fraser, the general manager of Wigan’s Empire Cinema multiplex, is set to take on an all-action new job at Empire’s flagship Leicester Square cinema next month – and he’ll have to hit the ground running.

Less than a week after he takes up the assistant general manager’s job on July 1, stars of the screen – not to mention hundreds of screaming fans – are set to converge on Leicester Square for the world premiere of the final instalment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

But Scott, 35, who worked at the busiest cinema in the UK while studying in his native Glasgow, reckons he’s more than ready for the challenge.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to my new job – in this industry it doesn’t get much bigger than working in Leicester Square. It’s a world-famous cinema.

“My friends are absolutely delighted for me although my family, up in Glasgow, are a bit upset about having to travel even further to see me.

“Everyone’s already asking me for free tickets though and wants to be my best friend all of a sudden – I can’t think why.”

Scott first started working part-time in a cinema 13 years ago and admits that “every time I thought about leaving another opportunity came along”.

The Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, which consists of one giant screen and eight regular screens, is set to jointly host the premiere of the latest Harry Potter movie with the Odeon on July 7.

As part of the event, the entire square is set to be transformed into a giant red carpet.

Scott added: “But Wigan is very personal to me because, when I moved here four years ago, it was the first cinema I had ever managed on my own and I’ve really enjoyed my time here.

“The team are great too - they’re absolutely lovely - and we’ve achieved a lot in a very short space of time. In the last year, in particular, a lot of money has been spent on the Wigan Empire in terms of development and I’m very proud of that.

“And, of course, I’ll miss all the regulars too!”

Scott, who is set to commute to central London from Brighton every day, will also be charged with helping to organise the annual FrightFest film festival in his first couple of months, as well as a string of high-profile special events.

He added: “I love working in cinemas because of the fast-paced atmosphere and the interaction with such a wide variety of customers.”