Grim Up North’s mixed reaction

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SINCE Grim Up North went viral this week, the prospect of a Wigan-based reality television show has received somewhat mixed reviews from people in the town.

The show, which will see camera crews follow people around in their every day lives, will begin filming in just over a month’s time after casting closes on November 30.

The show aims to capture the diversity of the north of England and has targeted Wigan as one of its main casting points, with the production team coming from the town themselves.

The concept was met with a wide range of views and opinions.

Jon Cooper, of Hindley, and Chris Jenkins set up Big Features which has gone about researching and assembling a cast throughout the last year.

Jon says he has been blown away by the response the show has had with the majority of feedback received being positive.

But to those naysayers still casting doubt over how the show will portray the town, Jon has reminded them that the only way Grim Up North will be similar to the likes of TOWIE, will be the way the show is shot.

The emphasis is on real people in their everyday lives rather than stereotyping the area in contrived situations.

As news spread, the production team was hit with a flurry of people hoping to be in the show. The team was working until 2am processing applications and responding to social media,” said Jon.

“We had thousands upon thousands of tweets and Facebook messages.

“My phone was still ringing at 4am this morning – it’s crazy.

“There will always be a mixed bag of reactions, however the positives outway the negatives.”

Amongst those passing comment on the show were some Twitter users who had varied opinions.

One of those looking forward to it was James Cooper, who tweeted: “Just applied for @grimupnorthtv deffo need to get on this ill absolutely smash it!”

Adam Fletcher wasn’s as impressed, tweeting: “Towie type programme for Wigan because of its diversity and culture, surely this is some sort of joke?”