Hacker T campaigns for national anthem

Hacker T Dog
Hacker T Dog
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WIGAN’S favourite dog Hacker T has pledged his support for a national anthem on the town.

The Hindley-raised character told Goss: “I want a new national anthem and I am adamant that Wigan should be mentioned. It is the most incredible place in the world and I am proud to be from Wigan.

“Wigan has an incredible football and rugby team and we have great bakers on the high street.

“I am confident that we will get a Wigan anthem - I don’t fail at anything, except at most things.

“I am working on one at the moment and trying to find things that rhyme with Wigan. My version shall be broadcast soon.

“I am going on the lines of Wigan being better than any other town bar none.

“When I finish I will take it to Wigan Council as I really want a star in Wigan’s Hall of Fame.

“I think I would fit perfectly alongside Sir Ian McKellen’s star. I believe I am very worthy as I am a massive ambassador for the borough.

“I was brought up on the fine streets of Hindley and I am proud of my roots.”

A Town Hall spokesman said: “Hacker T Dog is one of Wigan’s greatest and hairiest ambassadors.

“We are delighted to hear about his anthem idea for Wigan.”