Hair-raising feats!

The Mayor of Wigan Coun Joy Birch helps her predecessor Mike Winstanley get something of his chest
The Mayor of Wigan Coun Joy Birch helps her predecessor Mike Winstanley get something of his chest

It was a case of hair today and gone tomorrow for two brave Wigan politicians who put their bodies on the line for the mayor’s charities.

Former first citizen Mike Winstanley and Coun Ron Conway, who sits on the Mayor’s Charity committee, put political differences aside and volunteered to have their chests waxed in a bid to raise money for Marie Curie and the Wigan branch of the Multiple Sclerosis charity.

And although they do not know how much their eye-watering sacrifices have made in total yet it is expected to be a couple of hundred pounds, which will be divided between the causes chosen by the mayor, Coun Joy Birch.

Coun Conway joined the event after Mr Winstanley, who went through a similarly gruelling ordeal last year, invited him to take part for the causes.

Conservative Mr Winstanley said: “We wanted to do the chest wax again because it’s a bit of an eye-catching novelty.

“It can be difficult when you’re trying to raise money for charity because there are so many good causes that people are asked to donate to, so we wanted to do something that would capture people’s imaginations.”

Labour’s Coun Conway, said: “It was the first time I’d done anything like this and although it was painful it was worth going through the pain for the charities.

“Mike approached me to do the chest wax and said that if I did it he would too and that’s how it came about.”

The event took place at U Beauty Salon in Newtown and the mayor went along to enjoy the spectacle on the day.

She even had a go at the waxing herself and presented the pink-chested pair with a sponsor cheque of her own after they had finished.

Coun Conway added: “When I first told my wife what I was going to do she wasn’t too keen, but she’s getting used to it now.”

l Mike Winstanley is standing in the forthcoming local elections.

l All candidates will be declared on April 10.