Has Johhny REALLY been to Wigan?

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

THE Rumour mill has been playing tricks again.

Since The Evening Post revealed that Hollywood legend Johnny Depp was to play Wigan’s musical hero George Formby in a film, people have been speculating that the heart-throb has been in town.

The buzz died down a few months ago but it has reared its head again on Twitter with: ‏@Dpmendeskelly posting: “#JohnnyDepp & #BradPitt living in #Wigan #Haighhall area ahead of #Georgeformby film they are both staring in keep a #lookout peeps” and ‏@frenchcathy25 adding: “That giddy feeling you’ve got when you find out that johnny depp is in your home town.”

Sorry to disappoint, but there have been no confirmed sightings - although Johnny does have a knack of disguising himself really well for his roles...